Welcome to the course!

Temple Writing Academy
Blogging and Writing for the Internet
Instructor: Lewis-Turner

            You’ve probably spent a lot of time online by now, looking at Myspace or Facebook and finding new ways to waste time.  The internet is full of undiscovered territories and new opportunities, especially for writing.  In this class, you’ll be taking advantage of a few of those opportunities in the form of a weblog, or blog.

You will be writing both creative and argumentative pieces.  The types of writing that you will do will not be limited.  You will learn how to write with the public nature of the internet in mind, and to take advantage of the possibilities in internet writing.  This class should function as a writing community.

            With that community in mind, you should abide by the code of conduct you signed when you joined this program.  We will make some more specific rules for our classroom in class on the first day.  In addition, please be respectful of your classmates online as well as off.  Rude comments or blog entries will be deleted at the discretion of the instructor.

Week One:
Monday, July 9:
Introduction to the course, class rules, journaling.
Assignment: Read “Weblogs: A History and Perspective” in course packet.  Write a journal entry on what your goals are for your writing, both in the course and long-term.

 Tuesday, July 10:
Discussion of journals, the potential and appeal of blogs, and narrative in blogging.
Assignment: Read at least three entries in a blog of your choice and write a review, focusing on questions handed out in class.  Review should be between 200 and 500 words.  Post to your blog by midnight.

 Wednesday, July 11:
Discussion of reviews.  In-class writing assignment on personal history.
Assignment: Revise personal narrative and post to your blog by midnight.

 Thursday, July 12:
Workshopping personal narratives.  Discussion of the similarities and differences between personal narrative and creative fiction or poetry.
Assignment: Read poems and “Getting Started” in course packet.  Find a picture that inspires or creates an emotional response in you, either from your own collection or elsewhere online.

 Friday, July 13:
How to insert a picture into a blog post.  In-class writing exercises around the pictures.
Assignment: Revise one of your in-class writing exercises into a polished piece.  Post to your blog by Sunday at midnight.  Remember to include the picture or photograph in your post.

Week Two:

Monday, July 16:

Workshopping creative pieces from previous week. 

Assignment: Read short introduction to hypertext in course packet.  Explore hypertext stories linked on course blog.  Brainstorm different writing styles and techniques that the internet makes possible.

 Tuesday, July 17:
Discussion of hypertext and other forms of internet-specific writing.  In-class writing exercise.
Assignment: Revise in-class writing exercise to create a hypertextual or internet-inspired work.  Post to your blog by midnight.

Wednesday, July 18:
Discussion of the public nature of blog writing and “netiquette.”  In-class writing exercise to brainstorm topic for an argumentative piece; in-class outlining work.
Assignment: Research for two internet sources that will supplement your argumentative piece. 

Thursday, July 19:
Workshop on writing the argumentative piece.
Assignment: Revise and  post your argumentative piece in your blog by midnight.  Respond to a classmate’s argumentative piece in a comment (more than 100 words); try to find one that doesn’t have any comments yet.

Friday, July 20:
Last day!  Revisiting the work we’ve done during the past two weeks.


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