The world does revolve around TWA.

Today’s class was pretty zany, but I think everyone had fun. We started by all-too-briefly discussing the article, and then moved from our classroom to the Writing Center computer classroom, which Ryan had graciously reserved for us. We began with a thirty minute writing exercise. The writing was meant to produce an introductory post for the blog, which would be a portrait of the author as a writer. Afterwards, during discussion, I was surprised by how much everyone fit into their responses. Arisleyda wrote something beautiful about the way that writing as an experience felt to her, and how her pencil could speak far better than she could.

After that, we turned to the difficult task of setting up our blogs. I expected this to be simpler, and I think next time I will print up a series of step-by-step directions, so that if someone falls behind, everyone can keep working on their own. There was a lot of discussion, though, and some really creative names. Leslie took a sentence from her portrait of herself to use as her tagline (The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Me), and I think it works well with her blog title (Through My Own Eyes). The juxtaposition* of the two creates a strong contrast. For the student blogs, see the blogroll at right.

I’m missing quite a few of the thirty minute exercises, since I was called away at the end of class and couldn’t collect them from everyone. I’m planning on getting them at the beginning of class tomorrow, though, and I’m excited to do some reading tonight.

Tonight’s assignment: find a blog, any blog, and read at least three entries in it. Write a review, between 200 and 500 words (a couple of decent-sized paragraphs), describing the blog. What does it look like? What is it about? Why does the blog author keep the blog? What sets them apart from the rest of the blogging world? What do you like about it, and what do you dislike about it? It should be posted to your new blog by midnight tonight.

To write a post: click on “My Dashboard” on the main WordPress page. Then click on “Write” in the light blue bar at the top. In that post, you should create a link to the blog you’ll be reviewing. To create a link, highlight the text that you’re linking, and click the little chain link icon up at the top of the blog window. Then type or paste in the URL (that’s the http:// web address up at the top of the browser). Click “insert,” and you should have a link in your post. After you’ve linked the blog, type in your review. As you write, click “Save and Continue Editing,” below the text box, so that if your window closes or you accidentally delete something, you can still have it. When you’re completely finished and want to publish your work, click “Publish.”

* Our word of the day.


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