Villanelle ice cream.

Raquisha mentioned the villanelle yesterday, during a quick discussion of the definition of a poem.   The villanelle is an incredibly difficult form to write, but when it’s done correctly it can be beautiful.

Yesterday in class, we did a short 15 minute writing exercise.  There were two options to choose from:
Option 1: Write a description of yourself in someone else’s voice.  Assume you’re not in the room, so they’re being honest.
Option 2: Write a list of statements, all beginning with “I am.”

I really enjoyed the responses, and we had a relaxed discussion about the responses that people were willing to share.  Then we wrote what we would change in our responses, and talked about those as well.  Revision is important to the blogging process, as it is in any form of writing.  I often go back and change blog entries multiple times after I’ve published them, as the situation changes or I notice errors.  Editing a blog, however, can be a little strange.  By the time you make the edits and hit “publish,” someone may have already seen the original and commented to correct you.  (This can be more than little frustrating.)  On the other hand, you can also be linked to something that promises to be exciting that then doesn’t exist when you click on it, since you missed the window when the author chose to put it up.

For today, the assignment was to:
1.  Read Weblogs: A History and Perspective, which has a lot of difficult words but is pretty short.  It gives a good history of weblogs, and an idea of the effect that blogs can have.
2. Write a very short description of your goals as a writer.  This means that you have to identify as a writer, and that you need to think about your goals for yourself in the long term (how will writing play a part in your life?) and in the short term (what do you want to learn at TWA?). 


One Response to “Villanelle ice cream.”

  1. knowinwhatsbest Says:

    lol…dats like my name
    oh yea i did get three comments but i have’nt checked my email for a couple months. I actually think yahoo has an unlimited email thing b/c i seriously have 965 email… itsn’t that great

    *i love the title…see you tommorow Mrs. Loius Turnup

    just playin Ms. L-T

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