A daring day.

This is an image I'd like us to work on today.

Some of the things we thought about when we looked at this photograph:

  • Two hands, five fingers on each hand.
  • Strength, strong wrists.
  • His thumbs are bent, like he’s been trying to escape for a while.
  • A boy, or a man; definitely a “he.”
  • He’s starting to give up.
  • Either he’s one of many who came before him, or he’s just been trying by himself for a long time.
  • Fingerprint smudges; palm marks on the window.
  • Raquisha thought of Jesus when she saw this; she also used the word “burning.”
  • Sweaty, trying to get out, and escape followed one after another.
  • Terrell gave us the basic description when he said “touching a dirty window.”
  • Whittney gave the imaginative line “light from his hands.”
  • Doesn’t want to be there, touching the light.
  • Mykia said that he might have fallen forward after crying.
  • Leslie told said that perhaps he was moving from darkness to light.
  • Colors: blue and black and grey and gold.
  • Depression.
  • The sun coming out.
  • Getting somewhere, getting in.
  • Struggle.
  • Cloudy.

Today’s assignment: write a piece inspired by a photograph or picture that you find on Google Images, GettyImages, or Flickr. Learn how to insert a picture into one of your blog posts.


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