Writing a blog review.

Once you have set up your blog, you will want to look at another blog to review and get an idea of how you want to organize your own work.

Start by finding another blog, and reading a few entries. What is the name of the blog? What do you know about the person who writes it? Anything? Provide your reader with a link – how can they read what you’re reviewing?

Describe the blog. What is their focus, topic, and style? What kind of language do they use, and what kind of subjects are they most focused on? Why does their blog exist?

What do you like about this blog? What do you dislike? What are you going to do differently in your own blog?

Type in the phrase that you want to link. For instance, if I were linking to Google, I would type in the word Google, so that people would know what to expect. For this assignment, you might type something in like This is the blog I reviewed.

Highlight the text you’re going to make into a link with your cursor. Move up to the top of the post box, and click on the chain button that has popped up. A new box will open, asking you to type in the URL. Type it in, or copy and paste it from another browser window. Click “Insert.” This will make a link:



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