In the image:

This is one of my own images.

The assignment for today was to pick an image from or Google Images. Once you have picked out a picture, look at it for a while and brainstorm ideas about it. In class, I used an example of two people looking walking, with gulls flying up in front of them. For my example here, I’m going to use one of my own images.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is going on in the picture? What are some basic descriptions of this image? For example: In the above image, there is a black and white paste-up. It is a silk-screened image of a man with sunglasses on, screaming. It is torn at one corner. There is wood behind that. On the left, there is a pink paste-up for some sort of event – the name is not shown – it is also torn. The wood looks like it is wet, and there is mold or paint along the bottom of the image.
  2. What does the picture make you think of? How does it make you feel? For example: This picture always makes me feel a little queasy, because the image of the man screaming is disturbing. I’m so used to seeing images posted as advertisements, and to see a paste-up that’s so gripping without advertising anything disturbed me.
  3. What are the themes in this picture? Fear, the public, art, weather, destruction, silence, speech, screaming, communication, aggression, loneliness, disconnection.
  4. What is the story behind the picture? I thinkI would be tempted to write a story about a man trapped inside an image, or inside a piece of paper. There’s the danger that that could be too cliched, though, so I kept thinking. I thought about a woman who came to visit the portrait every day, until one day it was smiling instead of screaming; that could either be creepy or sweet.

2 Responses to “In the image:”

  1. classysexii Says:

    lol ms. LT i don’t have the internet any more and when I do have it I can only stay on for short periods of time =( I need a library card…lol

  2. knowinwhatsbest Says:

    omg…that is a very interesting image mrs. lt
    i love it but then i find it a little disturbing..that’s why it’s so good

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